Month: December 2016

Why Does Science Become More Elegant? Because All The Pieces Fall Into Place

It’s a little appreciated fact that the Ptolemaic model of the Earth’s orbits was an ugly-assed model. If you think that the earth is at the center of things, here’s what you come up with to make sense of the motions of the other planets and the sun. The first part of the video shows the loopy, spirograph of messy complexity of the Ptolemaic model. The second part of the video shows how all the pieces fall into place once you put the sun at the center of the solar system. This is the clearest possible example of this is Occam’s Razor:¬†Among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected. In other words, all things being equal, the simplest explanation is the truth. Why does the Universe work that way? Well, it’s because the Universe is out there doing its thing and it takes a long time for humans to figure it out. But gradually we acquire the tools to acquire evidence that brings what we observe in conflict with what we believe. Over time, a movement of people developed who decided that we should speed up this process by deliberately trying to create situations that would break our illusions. We call these situations experiments. We call the people who do it scientists. The problem is that their conclusions sit in dusty journals which humans don’t...

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Why Do The AnCrappers Keep Hitting Themselves?

In case you don’t know, I recently took down Anarcho-Capitalism. After winning, I changed their name from AnCap to AnCrap. It’s over guys. You lost. Move on. Don’t let lose aversion or your creeping feelings of loyalty to your cult leader, Piggy, stop your intellectual growth. The best part about though is that every time they try to hit me, they just keep hitting themselves. Why would you admit that the whole worldview you’re promoting isn’t grounded in reality? You’re literally telling the world that for decades you’ve been engaged in one grand exercise in mental masturbation. “Hey, guys, you should all believe in Anarcho-Capitalism we know will never work because we never bothered to look at reality.” To which I say… This is what I’m most enjoying about this whole process. The AnCrappers keep throwing their best moves at me so that when eventually Piggy fights me I’ll know everything he’s got and know how to counter it. How do I know Piggy will fight me? Because I know the realities of human psychology because I did look at the data. And, at a certain point, this will get so embarrassing that his loyal followers will be like, “Yo, bro. This is Hunter guy is talking so much shit. He’s embarrassing us. You got to shut him down.” And, at some point, Tom will be forced to step...

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