Month: January 2017

Donald Trump is Dutch. Isn’t that Weird?

In the last week an awful lot of people have sent me a video from a Dutch TV channel trying to explain to Donald Trump about the Dutch. The assumption is that the blunt, forceful, lewd and poorly read Donald Trump wouldn’t understand Dutchness. On the surface, they’re right. He doesn’t speak Dutch. He probably doesn’t know much Dutch history. And yet, Donald Trump doesn’t need the core values of the Dutch culture explained to him. Why? Because Donald Trump is Dutch. Isn’t that weird?  If you missed this, you shouldn’t feel bad. Even the Dutch team over at...

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Intellectual Gossip Girl: Has Sam Harris been Ignoring What I Said? That’s not what I heard from Bryan Callen

As of yesterday, it seemed like perhaps my strategy to #CreateTheControversy to #TeachTheControversy had stalled. Sam Harris simply wouldn’t respond. And then, I heard a juicy bit of intellectual gossip. You may remember that in my interview with Joe Rogan he said that he would be getting a text from Sam right away about what I said about him. Well, a little bird named Bryan Callen told me that that is true. Apparently, Sam and Joe talked about what I said. And, apparently, Sam told Joe that I “just don’t get his ideas at all.” Uh oh! It seems Sam worries about what other people think of him. He and Joe have a #Bromance and little Toto came between them. He had idea sex with Joe and Sam didn’t like it at all. Some people are so intellectually possessive. And so now, the unfolding drama around Joe Rogan, Sam Harris, Hunter Maats, Bryan Callen, Richard Dawkins, Jon Haidt, David Sloan Wilson and Joe Henrich continues. And, at the center of that drama, there are two very different sets of ideas on human thinking and evolution. Pachacuti sent me this: People don’t know what to make of all this. Like the upgraded apes that we are, they’re trying to suss this whole situation out. Who do I root for? I want to be on the winning side. Which side is...

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Ep229 – What Makes Someone a Fundamentalist?

Living in America, Bryan and Hunter constantly hear demands for Muslims to call out the fundamentalists in their own midst. We think this is a great idea. However, before you can do that, you have to be able to spot a fundamentalist. And that it turns out is quite easy when you’re looking at a fundamentalist in someone else’s tribe and quite hard when you’re looking at the fundamentalists in your own tribe. It’s easy for Westerners to see the fundamentalists in the Arab world and quite hard to see the fundamentalists in their own midst. Recently, we had...

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The Affleck Redemption: Sam Harris isn’t Reasonable; He’s Obtuse

Maybe the best part of going on a platform as large as a Joe Rogan Experience is that you get to send up a flare into the world and find loads of people in the world who think like you. Only in the last six months have I learned that if someone gets what I’m saying, then I should talk to them because it means we’re on a parallel journey and that they have things to teach me. I’ve now done four podcasts since the Joe Rogan Experience: The Renegade Report in South Africa, The Coolest Humans in Ohio, The Dead Centre Politics Podcast in Australia and The Ripple Podcast in Ludlow, MA. None of these have a big audience currently but all of them were hosted by guys more interested in figuring things out than in self-promoting. In short, they were coming from very much the same place as Bryan Callen, Katie, me and all the people I enjoy spending time with. It was a treat. However, what was particularly interesting was that they helped give words to what I’d long felt about Fundamentalists and clarify the patterns. In particular, they helped me figure out the issue with the trickiest of all the Fundamentalists I’ve called out so far: Sam Harris. Dylan and Jasper told me about growing up in Australian, white, suburbia and having been fed a...

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Waking Up: The Conversation Between Jordan B. Peterson and Sam Harris Summed Up in Three Movie Clips From Harvey…and Why I’m Embracing My Fightin’ Irish Kansas Side.

People have been asking what I thought of the Jordan B. Peterson and Sam Harris interview episode of Waking Up. Since I serve the people, I thought I’d give them what they want. Fortunately, the power of pattern recognition that comes with Mixed Mental Arts makes it pretty easy to do. Here’s what happened: Here’s what could have happened if Sam Harris had listened to Jordan W. Peterson rather than atomistically that he fixated on the meaning of the word truth: And here’s what I would have said to both of them if I’d been there: That is the great, old secret of human progress. When people respect each other, they engage in an undoing project together. They both get wiser. Of course, I haven’t shown any respect to the New Atheists or the Anarcho-Capitalists or any of the other Fundamentalists I’ve taken issue. Why is that? Why does it bother me so much? Why have I waged an Intellectual Jihad against Fundamentalism? Why has the normally nice Bunny turned vicious? Well, the Bunny has been wondering this too. And then, he finally started listening to a book that had been on his list for a very long time. And I realized what this past week had been about for me. I’m deeply egalitarian. I hate hierarchy. I believe that freedom is worth fighting for and must be fought...

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