Month: January 2017

An Invitation to Sam Harris to Betray the Ancien Regime and Join the Revolution. Be the Marquis de Lafayette

One of the most important things I’ve learned about fundamentalism in the last couple of months is how much it relies on personal relationships. I like Bryan. Bryan likes Joe. Joe likes Sam. Sam likes Richard Dawkins. And, really, it’s a web. I like Bryan and Joe. I know what Sam Harris is going through because I was a rationalist too. And I Richard Dawkins was the person who first turned me onto evolution. He taught me the magic of communicating science. And yet, I have other feelings about these people too. The New Atheists make my job in communicating evolution harder because they drive a view of science that alienates most of the world. New Atheism is very male. It’s a sausage fest. And not even a fun gay orgy kind of sausagefest. Or even the kind of sausagefest that happens when Bryan, Rogan, Schaub and a bunch of MMA dudes are hanging out. Both groups joke around but the difference is where the teasing is directed. With Rogan and gang, anything is fair game. Anything can be made fun of. And yet, if you listen to Rogan’s conversations with Sam there’s a totally different tone. Joe Rogan who Questions Everything is deferent. He even calls Sam a wizard in one episode. And what happens when you point out the Emperor has no clothes. Well, someone on the...

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Sam Harris is the Derek Zoolander of Intellectuals. He’s really, really, really good looking but I don’t want humanity to die in a “freak” gasoline fight accident

If you spend time in the Middle East, you spend time around a group of humans who have thought more about how Fundamentalism works than probably any group of humans on the planet. There are scientists involved in that work like Scott Atran. But a lot of it is just Muslims going around and trying to figure out a playbook for making sense of why young men get sucked into such a divisive ideology. And here’s what you learn. There’s a spectrum. There is a spectrum of radicalization from people like my dad’s boss who is cripplingly reasonable to the most Fundamentalist Imam who is not willing to allow for the possibility of any culture other than his own existing. It’s important to realize that I said cripplingly reasonable for a reason. My dad’s boss is open-minded and so committed to constantly examining the issues that he never closes his mind. But isn’t closing your mind bad?!? Ah, Mixed Mental Artists. Closing your mind is what making a decision is about. And if you look at the etymology of the word decision, you’ll realize the Romans understood this. Decidere is to cut off. You are cutting off options. You are eliminating possibilities. You are deciding between two things. You can say the dangers of either being too decisive or not decisive enough by comparing the American Democratic and the...

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A Question For Sam Harris and Jordan B Peterson to Discuss? Is There Multi-Level Selection?

Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins won’t engage me in a debate on either rationalism/intuitionism or multi-level selection. And that’s great! Thank God for children who want to stick their fingers in their ears and block out new thoughts. That’s how I became a better teacher. And big babies (and that’s what Fundamentalists are) are going to make me a better and better teacher. And, at a certain point, the public will realize how ridiculous these people’s thinking is and start laughing at them. I got nervous at the end of JRE #897 because Joe is a way more physically intimidating man than I am. Joe is a King. He is an Alpha. I am a Beta. I know my place. But what kind of person is scared of a Beta? An intellectual Omega and that is what Fundamentalists are. They’re not Mixed Mental Artists they’re narrow-minded one note punchers. And when someone challenges they’re thinking with a story so simple even a child like them could get it, they find it soooooo upsetting that they block you. Awwwww! Someone disagreed with you. Did that hurt your feeeeeeeelings with a new thought? Maybe you should go back into your little safe space with Richard Dawkins who will tell you what you want to hear about the world that you have it all figured out. Now, watch the slow thinking that...

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Ep228 – John Durant

Bryan and Hunter were feeling pretty manly. Bryan was punching imaginary enemies of freedom. Hunter was being tall and Dutch. And then…in walked John Durant, author of The Paleo Manifesto. His hair was luxuriant. He was wearing camo. And he had a stride best suited for stalking and taking down meat sources with only his bare hands. What were one-two cutie pies to do? Fortunately, John was wearing some really cute little shoes that utterly undermined everything else he had going on. Probably, he was just trying to set Bryan and Hunter at ease. Good thing he did because...

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