Month: February 2017

Want To Change Your Life? Forget about Silicon Valley’s Big Data and Focus on Evolution’s Small Data.

Humanity has been promised salvation many, many times. We’ve been told that the key to our salvation is Christianity, Communism, Trickle Down Economics and an endless variety of quack medicines and get-rich-quick schemes. For the last decade or so, we’ve been hearing all about how Big Data is going to solve all our problems for us. It’s going to fix medicine, education and terrorism. Yay!!! And yet…2016. How’s that Big Data working out for us? Not so hot, huh? Seems like cross-cultural relations still require people from different tribes leaving their echo chambers and taking the other person’s perspective....

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Ep233 – What Does Your Hinky Meter Tell You? Part 2

In Part 1 of “What Does Your Hinky Meter Tell You?”, Bryan and Hunter explored the controversy that the Frying Dutchman, Hunter Maats, had created in calling out Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins. In Part 2, we look at why that behavior is so problematic: it creates an emotional climate that divides cultures rather than uniting them. At the end of a great stand-up comedy show, something truly wonderful happens. People’s differences fall away and people of all races, genders, colors and creeds come together. In that moment, there’s a possibility in the air. The possibility that people from...

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Ep232 – What Does Your Hinky Meter Tell You? Part 1

You know that feeling that something is off. It’s the feeling that things don’t quite add up. Something bugs you and you can’t quite put your finger on it. That is what detectives call your hinky meter. We all have a hinky meter. The only question is what has your hinky meter been trained to detect. Great auto mechanics can listen to a car and figure out what’s off. Doctors like House M.D. can suss out that a seemingly plausible diagnosis doesn’t quite make sense. And Hunter Maats a.k.a The Tutor of Death can quickly find holes in people’s...

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Cultural Software SDK Beta Version

For sometime, computer software engineers have been using a process known as agile development. The key idea is that you build the best version you can, send it out into the world, get feedback on what works and doesn’t work and then use that feedback to improve the software. Agile software development draws on the wisdom of the crowds and the benefit of real world feedback. I’ve been using this process for the last few months with cultural software. When you teach to children, you are engaging in agile development of your own culture software. You try and explain things and you get a blank stare in return. Failure. And if you believe that there are no bad students only bad teachers, then you blame yourself. You make it your personal responsibility to clarify, break down and explain things more and more clearly. How can you communicate more with less? Over time, you get pretty good. However, you’re never really done. What was great about my Joe Rogan appearance is that I found out the limits of my own cultural software. Put under pressure, I wasn’t able to succinctly explain my perspective to someone I’d just triggered. So, I iterated and after a month of engaging with a series of Atheist Fundamentalists, I now have what I think represents the beta version of the Mixed Mental Arts Cultural Software...

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  • Idea Quickie 2: Making Smart Funny February 18, 2018
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  • Ep 316 Mosaics of Reality Part 2: Spiros Michalakos and Ed Solomon February 16, 2018
    At the end of last week's podcast, a man named Spiros walked in. Then he blew everyone's mind. Spiros has been on the podcast before, and if you've listened to those episodes (129, 142, 236, 237, 247) you know what's in store. But the rabbit hole never ends when you're talking to a quantum mathematician […]
  • Special Release! The Drunken Taoist Practices Mixed Mental Arts February 15, 2018
    Daniele Bolelli and Rich Evirs again sat down with Hunter, and this time Michael Brooks tagged along. They talk about everything. Mentioned is Bolelli's book, "How to Create Your Own Religion."  Don't forget to support us on Patreon and use our Amazon Affiliate if you like our website. The Amazon money goes to support Bryan […]
  • Ep 315 Mosaics of Reality Part 1: Ed Solomon February 11, 2018
    Ed Solomon is a screenwriter. He worked on Lavern and Shirley, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, and his latest work is with Steven Soderbergh on a show called Mosaic. Ed discusses the creative process, how to go along to get along, and when that doesn’t cut it anymore. Go watch Mosaic on Amazon or HBO. […]
  • Ep 314 Saving the Republic: Lawrence Lessig February 8, 2018
    Lawrence Lessig ran for President of the United States in 2016. He lost, and we got Donald Trump instead. Lessig is a Harvard Law professor whose book, "Republic Lost" outlines exactly how the swamp in Washington DC got so swampy to begin with. Go to for more information. Don’t forget to support us on […]

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