Month: February 2017

Religious Tolerance is For Weak-Minded People: That’s why 76% of Medical Doctors Must be PURGED!

We live in an age of courage. An age when people like Alex Jones are willing to out the Secret Muslims infiltrating the White House. An age when people like Lena Dunham are willing to fight the dangerous threat of Vietnamese-French Bread sandwiches and sushi promoting cultural appropriation in college dining halls. An age when people like Tom Woods courageously dare to dream of a world without government. And great minds like those of Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris dream of removing the vicious taint of religion from our society. I have mistakenly criticized this thinking and been told I didn’t understand it or had misrepresented their ideas. Oh, but I do. I just think we should go further. I question their commitment to these principles. We must go further. And that is why 76% of doctors must be fired immediately. Look at this religious bigot spreading his wicked faith to this poor, sick African child. I dated a doctor once and it was fascinating hanging out with her friends from Medical School. They’d all gone into totally different specialties. And yet, everyone was very clear which one was the hardest. Pediatric Oncology. As a pediatric oncologist, you get to see kids who through no fault of their own got dealt cancer at a young age. And you subject them to chemotherapy and surgery and radiation therapy. And then,...

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Infowars: There have been Secret Muslims in the White House since at least Jackie Kennedy!!!

Humans have an amazing ability to take a little bit of fact and spin out an amazing yarn from there. They also love to fuck with each other for fun and profit. For as long as photography has been around humans have been photoshopping images to make people believe things they made up. Two young cousins, Elsie Wright and Frances Griffith took a series of photos “PROVING” the existence of fairies. These Cottingley Fairy photos were rejected by people who didn’t want to believe them and accepted by people who did want to believe them. Sound familiar? In fact, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who created Sherlock Holmes, believed these photos were real and used them to illustrate an article he wrote on fairies in 1920. The internet and photoshop haven’t change humanity. They’ve just allowed us to let our conspiracy freak flag fly. And, boy oh boy, have we let that freak flag fly. It’s important to note that conspiracy theories aren’t always grounded in nothing. Often, they work like fishing stories. You may have actually caught a fish…but then over time you exaggerated the size of the fish beyond all proportion. Of course, you may also have lied about even catching the fish. Fortunately, there are truth tellers out there. Courageous folks who are willing to stand up to the LAMESTREAM media and uncover the hard truths. They’re...

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