Month: April 2017

Burmese Mexicans

Growing up in a rural state I was exposed to very little diversity. On top of that, I went to a Catholic high school so my early young adult years were about as homogenous as you could get without being Japanese and living in Japan. During this past election cycle, I heard a lot talk from my older family members about how “we need to do something about all these illegal Mexicans in our country.” It was a familiar gripe I’ve heard many times in the past while growing up. This argument whether it was explicit or implicit carried...

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Grades are for meat and eggs, NOT CHILDREN!

My Cultural Confession. My name is Andy, I am a young European mutt living in the east coast of the United States, and I am an Unschooler. My parents were raised Catholic and Lutheran, in suburbia during the cultural transformations of the sixties, seventies, and eighties. Unschooling was a result of my mother and her ferocious aversion to authority. She felt that the factory model of the modern school was destructive to the creative spark she saw, or may have imagined, in my two siblings and me. Now what separates Unschooling from other alternative schooling methods is the lack...

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Ep 241 – Culture Matters: Just Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?

Martin Totland is a journalist and photographer from Bergen, Norway, who’s lived in the US for more than seven years. He got involved with Mixed Mental Arts to improve his cultural understanding, and to fight mental atrophy. You can find him on Twitter (@mtotland), Instagram (mtotland2) or in the Mixed Mental Arts Facebook group. If you read this article at, it includes a picture of a cat with a Viking helmet on it. [podcast src=”” height=”90″...

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Navigating the Jobocalypse: What’s in Your Tool Bag?

It’s a bit hard to nail down, but I’d say that 2007 is the year I began to take my craft and my business seriously.  I first worked on myself (my attitude, my beliefs, my goals) and then I made changes to my work.  I watched thinker-types on Ted Talks and YouTube.  I read a lot of books and immediately applied a few key concepts.  I listened to ideas, internalized them, and expanded upon them to fit my world.  Finally, I repeated a few key reminders to myself until they became ingrained in my mind. Here’s a list of...

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  A while back, Hunter Maats took to “blowing up” some well-known people online and it’s caused a bit of a kerfuffle. On a recent episode of JRE, New Atheist Sam Harris complained to Joe Rogan that Hunter has been teasing him on twitter and hurting his feelings. He also claimed that Hunter got “half of the relevant biology wrong.” Although he didn’t specify which half we’re pretty sure Sam believes he’s a Vulcan.   The basic gist of the conversation was that Sam is important and right, and Hunter is an internet troll who “doesn’t have his shit together.”  ...

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