Month: April 2017

Ep239 – Culture Matters: The Netherlands: The Country Of Polders, Directness And Pragmatism

Mitch Evers is a Dutch university student who grew up in the south of the Netherlands. When Hunter first claimed that Donald Trump was culturally Dutch, it triggered Mitch’s patriotic duty to attempt to save his country’s reputation in the eyes of the Mixed Mental Arts community, which led to his involvement in the project. Little does Mitch know that Hunter “The Shitty Dutchman” Maats would be reading his post in a terrible Dutch accent. Will the Dutch King revoke Hunter’s passport based on this or will they practice gedogen and simply turn a blind eye? Probably the latter....

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Ep238 Supplemental – The Orchestra is Playing Together. Come Join in the Fun!

If anyone doubts the power of Motivation 3.0, they should listen to this episode. In the last couple of months, people from all over the world who have jobs, kids and lives have volunteered to help evolve Mixed Mental Arts and get the ideas that have been trapped in books for decades out into the world. Bryan and I have never met most of these people. Matt Maurer has worked on the website for no money. Nicole Page and Matt “Unicorn” Madonna have set up our t-shirt store and provided endless advice to improve the website. Cate Fogarty has...

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Have you ever wondered why Gene Roddenberry made James T. Kirk the captain of the Enterprise and not Mr. Spock? Wouldn’t someone less susceptible to their emotions make better decisions and therefore be a better leader? Some people, sure think so. Thanks to a French philosopher named René Descartes and some bros like Plato and Emmanuel Kant, roughly 400 years of science has poo pooed the role of emotions in a person’s true being. These rationalists believe that to obtain optimal results, you gotta kill the feelings. Turns out nothing could be wronger.   “I zink, zerefore I am!”...

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Just Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?: The Law of Jante and Scandinavian Jealousy

I come from a city in Norway where the Norwegian Department of Justice recently greenlit a quintupling of highway tolls for when the air quality is below a certain threshold. As an effort to combat air pollution by coaxing people to leave their cars at home and choosing public transportation instead, it’s admirable. However, since highway tolls will now probably hit $26 US on each passing, you’d predict rioting in the streets over this exorbitant pricing, air quality be damned.   But this is not the case. People are quietly accepting it. No one is making a fuzz, showing...

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Earning your White Belt in Mixed Mental Arts

“Wake up Neo. The Matrix has you.” If it hasn’t been said yet, welcome to the dojo. You are here for a reason. You may not yet know what that reason is, but your arrival is no accident. Perhaps you are searching for something. Perhaps there is something you’ve lost, something you think you have found. Perhaps you seek an answer. Whatever the reason, we welcome you. At the Mixed Mental Arts dojo, we are looking for answers to “…the question that drives us…it’s the question that brought you here.” “What is the Matrix?” Fortunately, (or unfortunately) it is...

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