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In Today’s Society, can you be Religious and believe in Science as well?

In Today’s Society, can you be Religious and believe in Science as well? The short answer is, yes and no!  That all depends on who you are talking to and the real question is what do you think? You can’t take someone’s opinion and believe it like it is a fact.  You need to think for yourself, question authorities, formulate and respect your own opinion. Don’t let someone with a microphone and platform to bully you into thinking one way or the other.  I am not an expert on Science, Religion or people.  I just have observed a lot of conflict about this topic and think it needs to be looked at.  When you walk into a dark room, you need to turn on the lights to see what’s inside.  I am not telling you what to believe, but I am asking you to turn on that light and look for yourself.  Ask yourself “Can an individual be Religious and believe in Science as well?” Some individuals in the public eye will try to convince, debate, and argue their point of view.  I can recall a select few “Science Educators” say that “You can believe in religion and practice science” with their words but the tone of their voice or past statement tell a different story.  These “Science Educators” are not Scientists in the traditional sense of the word...

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What is Intelligence?

If you want a good summary of how W.E.I.R.D. Science thinks about intelligence, you can’t go wrong with watching Jordan Peterson’s video on the topic. Just to be clear, I personally like Jordan. He’s taught me a lot. So, what’s coming next is not an affront to Jordan Peterson. It’s not even a critique of W.E.I.R.D. Science because they’re not responsive to critiques from the outside. They rely heavily on intuitions of authority about who has what PhD and who is qualified to say what. By their standards, no one is qualified to say what I am about to...

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Ep 259 – Walid Darab: They will recite the Quran but it will not go beyond their throats.

[podcast src=”” height=”90″ width=”450″] Walid Darab is the host of the Greed for Ilm podcast. Bored and in traffic, he looked around for podcasts for Muslim-Americans and found they were either all SUPER religious or in foreign languages. So, he decided to start one for everyday Muslim-Americans who were curious about a lot of things. And thus was the Greed for Ilm podcast born. What is ilm? Ilm is the Arabic word for knowledge. And Walid is greedy for ilm. So, it’s only natural that he should have found his way to Mixed Mental Arts, formerly known as The Bryan Callen...

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#IQ Part 1: Hijacking Intelligence

Over a century ago, a French psychologist named Alfred Binet designed the first I.Q. Test. He wanted to identify children with learning disabilities as a way of providing them with extra support to help them achieve their maximum potential. It was meant to be a baseline measurement or “before” picture of their intelligence. What happened next is one of the most damaging abuses of scientific power of all time, the consequences of which are still felt today. A eugenicist named Lewis Terman seized on the I.Q. Test as a way to weed out the “stupid” so he could focus...

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Welcome to Humanity’s #IntellectualThunderdome!

1000 years ago a Muslim polymath named Ibn Haytham studied a wide range of subjects, including Aristotle, Galen, and Ptolemy of whom Westerners have heard much. He was also influenced by the Banū Mūsā and Thābit ibn Qurra who helped found statistics of whom Westerners have heard little. Because Ibn Haytham was a Mixed Mental Artist he drew from this vast knowledge to help found what today we would “consider modern scientific methodology, due to his emphasis on experimental data and reproducibility of its results.” Yes, ladies and gents, science was invented by a Muslim. You may have thought...

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