Month: June 2017

Being put into “boxes” a sound bite at a time!

The “Boxes” Being put into categories or “boxes” is a natural thing to do and everyone does it. In the age of social media, 24 news networks and the massive amount of information thrown at any one individual you can’t help but put people into  these “boxes”.  If you read or heard anything about the Dunbar number, you would understand why this can’t be avoided.  You are put into a several boxes each day by a coworker, the individual serving you coffee, or the guy on the bus without even knowing it. In most cases, without saying a word to the person who puts you there.  These “boxes” are absolutely necessary for your brain to handle all the inputs we get everyday. Some types of “Boxes” These “boxes” come in all shapes and sizes like real boxes.  Conservative or Liberal, Pro-Life or Pro-Choice, Round Earth or Flat Earth, and so on.  If you list your personal beliefs, you can probably put yourself in several “boxes” that you didn’t even realize you actually fit into.  You might say “I didn’t fit into any of the traditional “boxes”, I am my own person, unique and above all this”.  I believed that as well in my early 20’s, when I knew absolutely nothing about the world, like most people at that age.  Some go their whole lives believing that, others search for answers.  If you are reading this, congratulations, you...

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Tool Time: What is a Mental Tool and How Do They Give You More Mental Power?

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. Humans have always faced them. And since the human brain’s hardware hasn’t really changed in a very long time, it has been by upgrading our mental software that we’ve become more intelligent. In fact, the brain is so unchanged that people who haven’t had contact with writing or computers for 46,000 years, they can leapfrog that huge cultural software divide in a couple of generations. Jared Diamond is right. The amazing thing is that humans everywhere have pieced together that opportunity from nothing but what they found lying around. We have made mental tools the same way we...

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Ep 265 Supplement – Jenni Aguilar: Evolution is Smarter Than You

[podcast src=”” height=”200″ width=”450″] Ever since we had Jon Aguilar on the show back in Episode 251, Jon has been telling me I had to have his very brilliant wife on. And so, while driving back from a friend’s wedding, I stopped by Casa Aguilar in Santa Barbara and started a conversation with Jenni Aguilar. Hours later, I understood why Jon felt so strongly that that I should talk to Jenni. Coming from an entirely different angle, she had reached many of the same conclusions as I had. For me, the arrival at evolutionary thinking and a desire to...

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Gadfly: Why Are Great Teachers So ANNOYING?

I’ve had the privilege of having many great teachers and mentors. Some of the best teachers and mentors have had one unifying quality: they were super ANNOYING. They harped on and on about the same old things again and again. A lot of the time, quite honestly, I wanted to tell them to… And yet, although I wasn’t always receptive to what they had to say at the time, I now appreciate their willingness to persistently nag at me. They cared enough to keep bugging me until I took a hard look at myself. In that sense, they were...

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Virtue Signaling: How Do the Posers in Your Culture Try and Fake Being the Coolest?

In any ecosystem, you’re going to get posers. And one of the best examples of a poser in a genetic context is the Scarlet King Snake. Why go to the trouble of making your own venom when you can just look like a snake that does? The Scarlet King Snake fakes it with no intention of making it (venom). The same is true within the ecosystem of a culture. There are people in any community who are the coolest. They’re the best at whatever the culture respects. Take, for example, a tribe of hunter-gatherers. There are two guys named Og and Thrak and...

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  • Idea Quickie 2: Making Smart Funny February 18, 2018
    Bryan and Hunter are alone together agian for some nice idea sex. They discuss the recent descent of the Emperor on the Washington DC and how he's incorporating his Mixed Mental Arts into his new standup. He is a true master of his craft, as the elves will tell you. Don't forget to go to and […]
  • Ep 316 Mosaics of Reality Part 2: Spiros Michalakos and Ed Solomon February 16, 2018
    At the end of last week's podcast, a man named Spiros walked in. Then he blew everyone's mind. Spiros has been on the podcast before, and if you've listened to those episodes (129, 142, 236, 237, 247) you know what's in store. But the rabbit hole never ends when you're talking to a quantum mathematician […]
  • Special Release! The Drunken Taoist Practices Mixed Mental Arts February 15, 2018
    Daniele Bolelli and Rich Evirs again sat down with Hunter, and this time Michael Brooks tagged along. They talk about everything. Mentioned is Bolelli's book, "How to Create Your Own Religion."  Don't forget to support us on Patreon and use our Amazon Affiliate if you like our website. The Amazon money goes to support Bryan […]
  • Ep 315 Mosaics of Reality Part 1: Ed Solomon February 11, 2018
    Ed Solomon is a screenwriter. He worked on Lavern and Shirley, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, and his latest work is with Steven Soderbergh on a show called Mosaic. Ed discusses the creative process, how to go along to get along, and when that doesn’t cut it anymore. Go watch Mosaic on Amazon or HBO. […]
  • Ep 314 Saving the Republic: Lawrence Lessig February 8, 2018
    Lawrence Lessig ran for President of the United States in 2016. He lost, and we got Donald Trump instead. Lessig is a Harvard Law professor whose book, "Republic Lost" outlines exactly how the swamp in Washington DC got so swampy to begin with. Go to for more information. Don’t forget to support us on […]

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