Month: June 2017

Ep 264 – Brett Veinotte: Why Does School Suck for So Many Kids?

[podcast src=”” height=”200″ width=”450″] They must put something in the water in New Hampshire because Brett Veinotte and Katie O’Brien reached very similar conclusions through tutoring: as an experience school sucks for A LOT of kids. And so, Brett decided to do something about it and create better resources for parents and kids looking for an alternative. Out of that was born The School Sucks Project. For more on the work of Brett and his team, check out their website. In this episode, Brett and Hunter compare notes on The School Sucks Project and The Straight-A Conspiracy. There’s no...

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Hundred Schools of Thought: The Dojo of the East (With Kung Fu Grip!)

I keep telling Hunter that all of these Mixed Mental Arts ideas are stuck in books, just waiting to be let out! Well, that’s always been the case, all over the world. The rich people who weren’t farming would sit down and try to figure out the world. As long as they weren’t killed in wars, or executed as heretics, they built up some pretty good ideas. That’s the premise of The Happiness Hypothesis. In the West, the history of philosophy centers around the Classics. Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, Seneca, all of these philosophers debated one another in writing. They...

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The Fundamental Attribution Error: It’s Why We Label Ourselves and Others Without Even Thinking About It

Unless you’re a major science nerd like me, you’ve likely never heard of the Fundamental Attribution Error. After naive realism, the F.A.E is probably the second biggest bias in human thinking. It’s the tendency to think that people (including you) do things because you’re that KIND of person. The F.A.E. takes a behavior based on choices and makes it an immovable character trait. So if you get a promotion you might credit it to your innate ability to work hard, but if you lose your job it’s because you’re a victim of the weak economy. However, if someone else...

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Honor Culture and Dignity Culture are two mindsets that help guide a person’s behavior. The main difference between them can be boiled down to how each views reputation. Honor Culture In a culture of honor reputation is everything and must be vigilantly protected from insult. The power of reputation is the cornerstone of gangsta rap, Machiavelli’s The Prince, and the Dread Pirate Roberts.     The significance of reputation comes from Honor Culture’s historical roots, which developed in herding cultures where the only thing preventing someone from stealing your sheep was the threat of retribution. Herders couldn’t rely on...

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Optimism and Pessimism: The American Dream and The Russian Nightmare

In The World Until Yesterday, Jared Diamond describes one of the most striking features of Papua New Guinean hunter-gatherers: they are paranoid. [mbm_book_grid id=’8574′] While Americans tend to think of paranoia as a sign of a diseased mind, Diamond comes to realize that this paranoia is actually incredibly constructive. If you’re a hunter-gatherer, you don’t have access to good medical care. If you break your leg, you’re probably dead. If you have a cut or a bee sting that gets infected, there are no antibiotics and you’re probably dead. And that’s not to mention all the dangers in the...

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