Month: June 2017

Why Train in Mixed Mental Arts? Because in an Ever-Changing World, We Need Minds Like Water.

  After studying numerous fighting styles, Bruce Lee observed a major problem with all of them. Fighting styles have an orthodoxy, a rigid way of doing things, making it easy for a fighter from another style to exploit their holes and defeat them.   So Bruce Lee rejected rigidity and created a series of principles and a process for continual improvement. He knew he had to give this approach a name so he called it Jeet Kune Do. It’s defining principle is that of taking whatever is practically useful from anywhere regardless of style.   Out of that basic...

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Why Doesn’t American Democracy Work Anymore? Because We Are a Nation of American Idiots…in the Ancient Greek sense of the word.

As the world looks at America’s massively dysfunctional democracy, humanity begins to wonder whether this democracy thing is a good idea or not. The assumption is that if democracy was such a good idea then it would just always work; it doesn’t. Democracies fail. Marriages fail. Children fail in school. Airplanes fail and fall out of the sky. Things don’t just work. They take work. Literally every damn thing takes work. So, how hard are you working on your democracy? Usually, this then turns into a sermon about the importance of calling your elected representatives or giving money to...

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Ep 263 – It’s Big Mike’s Birthday!!! What should we get him for a gift?

[podcast src=”” height=”200″ width=”450″] When ordinary men have birthdays, they receive gifts. However, Big Mike knows it is better to give than to receive and so, on his birthday, Big Mike has gifted to the people of the Callenphate his wisdom. You’re welcome, humanity. Just remember that your fearless leader is Bryan and not his far more physically imposing and wise father. [mbm_book_grid...

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The Blind Men and The Elephant: The Answer to Humanity’s Problem Is and Always Has Been Talking to People Who See The World Differently

For all the talk about innovation, very few people have much clarity on how it happens. And yet, when you comb through the innovations literature, you realize it comes down to one very simple principle: idea sex. [mbm_book_grid id=’8014′]     Take the work of Roy Choi. If you don’t know Roy Choi, he’s the inventor among other things of the Korean BBQ burrito. Roy grew up in LA and worked in his family’s Korean restaurant. Roy loves Korean food. Buuuuuut, Roy is also an Angeleno and he also loves taco trucks. And so, Roy figured “Why not put...

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The Green Belt — Feeeeeeeeeelings

René Descartes was a French philosopher, mathematician and scientist. He is considered the father of analytical geometry, the father of Western philosophy and was generally a bad ass dude. His influence in the realm of science and mathematics can still be seen today and his work is studied in many universities. He is most famous for saying: “I think, therefore I am.” Descartes also thought that the mind and the body were completely separate, that the mind operated through conscious reasoning, unaffected by any outside influences, such as emotion. Antonio Damasio is a neuroscientist and university professor. He is...

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