Month: July 2017

Role Models, Talent Clusters and Affirmative Action: What Have People Who Look Like You Done Before?

Although humans blindly copy success through the emotion of awe, they don’t just copy any old successful person. They blindly copy successful people they think they could become. And this is where identity comes in and role models become highly political. Because now who is successful says things about the fairness of our society and why we and our group do or do not succeed in certain areas. Before we wade into the question of affirmative action, let’s take a look at how awe and identity lead to a phenomena that Dan Coyle, the author of the superb book The...

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5 Podcasts That Get You Thinking

Hi, My name is Anthony and I am addicted to podcasts. I have been listening to podcasts for over eight years. The first ever podcast I listened to was This American Life and I have been hooked since. Though I can’t quite remember what the episode was, I distinctly remember thinking, “this feels like watching a movie using my ears.” Podcasts are great as they open the world up to me, I get to listen to fascinating conversations from all over the world and upgrade my cultural software in the process. The internet has democratized content and we no longer have to rely on traditional media and their gate keepers to access information by them decided on what to listen or watch. I clock in just over 5K hours of listening time, according to Gladwell (or by the 10000 rule), I’m at the halfway point to being a podcast listening genius. At the risk appealing to authority, trust me when I say, I know great content when I hear it. You already are a part of the Mixed Mental Arts community, the largest online mind sex orgy … If you are looking for even more idea sex, here are five more podcasts to try out:   The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) – No other podcaster has the influence and reach of Joe Rogan. He has the most subscribed podcast...

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Midwifing in a Global Village: The Baby is Coming; We Can Ease the Process

2016 was a major wakeup call for those of us who want a more closely integrated and prosperous world. Maybe you like other cultures and have learned to find them interesting. Maybe the practical concerns of terrorism, global warming and international criminal activity mean that you think great international cooperation is needed. Or maybe you believe that more trade is the path to greater prosperity for all. Whatever your reasons for liking globalization, it’s clear that some people don’t like it at all. With the election of President Trump, Brexit and similar movements across the world, they made very clear that they...

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Cross-Cultural Communication in Four, Easy Words: Don’t Mess With Texas

Right now, the good ol’ US of A is struggling with cross-cultural communication. America is having issues understanding and communicating with the Russians as optimists and pessimists so often do. They’re struggling to make sense of the behavior of the honor cultures of the Middle East. And red and blue states have no idea how to work out their differences and take productive action. And yet, the irony is that the solution to all these problems lies in four simple words: Don’t Mess With Texas. Outside of Texas, this phrase became famous when George W. Bush made it one of his...

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The “Flaws” in Human Psychology: The fault lies not in our stars but in our view of ourselves.

Recently, a fellow Mixed Mental Artist wrote a piece on The Dark Magic of Nuclear Weapons. I enjoyed it because as Andrew points out nuclear weapons are an amazing tool to reflect on the conflicting side of human nature. However, there was one word in his post that tripped me up, he described human psychology as “flawed.” And I think that’s a really problematic idea that is at the root of many of humanity’s problems. It’s the idea that somehow we’re broken or should be some other way. Reality is. It does it’s own thing. As a scientist, when...

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