Month: July 2017

Nuclear Weapons are Dark Magic: Part 1

  Part 1: What do Nukes Say About Humanity?   I’m not the first person to point this out, but it seems like nuclear weapons are the strongest representation of at least a few important philosophical concepts. They show both humanity’s incredible penchant for destructive power, and our profound desire for innovation.   These ideas are interconnected, especially in terms of atomic and thermonuclear bombs. Innovation can feed the urge to devastate your enemy because the better your advancements are, the greater ability you have to inflict harm. By the same token, when you have a stronger desire to decimate, it can ignite a white hot fire of motivation to improve your technology. We saw this with World War Two and the Cold War, particularly the former. During the latter, weapons advancements significantly improved. But according to my amateur knowledge, they mostly built on technology that already existed. In terms of World War Two, as Joe Rogan likes to say, there was less than 50 years between when the airplane was invented, and when it was used to drop the atomic bomb! That’s insane! To me, it’s evidence of our desire to innovate to a fault, and of how homicidal urges can lead to greater advances.     The time gap between when scientists first split the atom, and when the atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki,...

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Ep 266 – Christopher Leon Price: Learning Life Lessons From Games

[podcast src=”” height=”200″ width=”450″] Back in episode 257, you heard Christopher Leon Price’s #knowledgebomb on The Art of Losing. In this episode, we interview Christopher to understand how he came to appreciate the power of this lesson through a mixture of video gaming, appreciating Mixed Martial Arts, teaching children chess and having to try and teach Hunter Maats how to do audio. This last one, in particular, has proven to be particularly challenging. Fortunately, Christopher is a very patient and supportive teacher. There are lessons to be learned from every aspect of life. So far, because of my own biases,...

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The Monomyth: Why I think Humanity’s 10,000 Year Hero’s Journey Leads Us Back to UBI

Once upon a time, humans lived in hunter-gatherer tribes of about 150 people. We gathered around fires to tell stories. We progressed from birth to death through a series of phases. We were initiated into the tribe. We had children. We progressed into old age and became respected elders valued for our insight and wisdom. And then, we passed on. Sometimes because of a primitive form of euthanasia where someone in the tribe would bash us on the back of the head with a rock. Hunter-gatherer life wasn’t perfect but it certainly wasn’t “nasty, brutish and short” as Hobbes suggested....

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