Month: February 2018

The Black Belt

You are in a Cult The Black Belt This is the Black Belt of Mixed Mental Arts.  It has been a long journey. Along the way, you’ve learned about culture; how it affects your life and your cognitive processes.  You’ve learned about how your human brain works; its functions and its limits. You’ve learned that the world was built by people no smarter than you. To survive in this world, you need to learn, unlearn, and relearn, innovating along the way. And when you put all those different parts together, you can cross cultural lines to absorb what is...

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The Red Belt

Make Kintsugi The Red Belt “…there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” – Hamlet, Act II, Scene 2 This is the Red Belt of Mixed Mental Arts: Technology and globalism are breaking the old ways of doing things. In order to survive the transition, we have to make kintsugi by reframing what we already have to see how those pieces can fit together to make something more beautiful than what we had before. The key to  flourishing in the creative destruction brought by a global society is to get opposite sides to talk together and...

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The Brown Belt

Innovation is #IdeaSex The Brown Belt The Brown Belt is the next step in preparing you for the Jobocalypse. In achieving the purple belt you realized that knowing how to learn, unlearn, and relearn helps you acquire fresh skills and keep pace with the new world the innovators are creating. The blue belt revealed the Genius Myth. Innovators aren’t special people. They are people who have a special understanding of the process required to innovate. This is the Brown Belt of Mixed Mental Arts: Another key to surviving the Jobocalypse is becoming an innovator in the world. Innovation is...

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The Purple Belt

Learn. Unlearn. Relearn The Purple Belt The way we pass cultural software is to blindly copy our predecessors. The children of farmers become farmers, the children of carpenters become carpenters. Even after industrialization, people have sought a path in life that’s stable. But in the knowledge economy of the 21st century, driving a delivery truck, working on an assembly line, or stocking shelves isn’t as stable as it once was. The White Belt teaches us that we’re all part of a greater culture. The Yellow Belt teaches us our cultures bind us together and blind us to the things...

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The Blue Belt

The Belt System We Blind Copy Our Heroes The Blue Belt One of humanity’s biggest questions has been why are we so much smarter than other animals. We have fire. We have iron tools. We have freaking space rockets. What is it that has allowed us to so thoroughly outpace every other animal? This is the Blue Belt of Mixed Mental Arts: The emotion of awe is how humans download culture. It can cause us to worship people and make us perceive them as larger than life. Most people never meet the heroes outside their Dunbar Number and the...

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