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By Ciaran O’Regan. Reading Options: If you only want to learn how to practically manage your weight for the rest of your life then skip to the section with the picture of the lad in Fake Tan and Speedo and read from there. If however you also want to learn about what Taubes has made a mess of then read the whole thing as you will have a much deeper understanding of nutrition for weight management. TAUBES AND HIS BOOGEYMAN OF OBESITY Soooo we need to talk about something…….. Gary Taubes was recently on both the Joe Rogan and...

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The Caveman Effect: What CrossFit and Vegan Fundamentalists Share with ISIS. – Fitlosophy

By Ciaran O’Regan NOTE:┬áThe FitLosophy series will at wide-reaching philosophical concepts through the lens of the fitness world. LET ME INTRODUCE YOU TO MONGO… Mongo is a human hunter-gatherer who lived about 40,000 years ago. Mongo and his tribe of less than 150 people (see #TheDunbarNumber…) basically move around following herds of migrating animals as this is a big part of their food supply. Mongo’s tribe split their time between brief periods of hunting and gathering followed by chilling at camp making tools and clothing, preparing food, and having plenty of sex for enjoyment as well as group cohesion...

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