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You know nothing, Jo(h)n Snow: Why do famous scientists so often stand in the way of Scientific Revolutions?

Much of the catfight that is happening on the internet centers around science and being responsive to evidence. The story that Science and its generally liberal allies like to put out about it is that scientists (and by proxy liberals) are responsive to evidence. In fact though, anyone who studies the history of science knows that scientists are often the LEAST responsive people to the evidence. Why? Because they LOVE their pet theories. I mean, seriously. Think about it. You devote your whole life to an idea. You cherish it. It’s your baby. And then along comes somebody nobody has...

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The “Flaws” in Human Psychology: The fault lies not in our stars but in our view of ourselves.

Recently, a fellow Mixed Mental Artist wrote a piece on The Dark Magic of Nuclear Weapons. I enjoyed it because as Andrew points out nuclear weapons are an amazing tool to reflect on the conflicting side of human nature. However, there was one word in his post that tripped me up, he described human psychology as “flawed.” And I think that’s a really problematic idea that is at the root of many of humanity’s problems. It’s the idea that somehow we’re broken or should be some other way. Reality is. It does it’s own thing. As a scientist, when...

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#IQ Part 5: Welcome to the I.Q. Revolution!

Mixed Mental Arts’ first Science-off in the #IntellectualThunderdome is coming to a close. Throughout the series we have highlighted how the work of Carol Dweck, Joe Henrich, and Thomas Sowell exposes a very different picture from the one the general public believes. If you get distracted by what the statistical banana hammock reveals about I.Q. you’ll easily conclude that I.Q. is fixed and genetics play a key part. However, when you look at what the banana hammock is hiding and see the whole body of scientific evidence a more complete picture emerges. You suddenly realize that the BIG STORY about...

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All The World’s Stage: It’s Time for Science to Embrace Role Playing

Voltaire was a master of using the social media of his time to change public opinion. He knew how to put on a good show with clear, trackable characters that could draw in the public’s attention. Frankly, he was so good at it that the myths he created are still with us to this day. In Voltaire’s time, the dominant ideas on gravity were those of Descartes. He wanted to unseat those ideas and replace them with those of Newton but orthodoxies within academia are stubborn and not easily displaced. And so, Voltaire ignored the academics and turned towards the...

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Ep 256 – What is Science?

[podcast src=”” height=”90″ width=”450″] One of the more interesting things to come out of the last few months in my own personal Mixed Mental Arts experience has been hearing more from all of you how these ideas resonate with all of you. In particular, I appreciated a conversation with Matty (@Matt_Maurer on Twitter) about how he appreciated that history could be seen as one long progression. Humanity has always been trying to solve very much the same problems. It is just that over time we have been able to see further because we have had more and more shoulders...

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    In 1759, while working as a tutor, Adam Smith wrote a book called The Theory of Moral Sentiments that begins as follows: "How selfish soever man may be supposed, there are evidently some principles in his nature, which interest him in the fortunes of others, and render their happiness necessary to him, though he derives […]
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    Hunter has been doing a lot of thinking lately - Gathering his thoughts. Taoism strikes him not as a discovery, but as a rediscovery of an earlier way of being: the way of the Hunter-Gatherer. The Hunter-Gatherer can’t afford rigid categories. He must flexibly take in what is before him to figure out the situation. […]
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