Mixed Mental Arts is a community of people working together to evolve a culture that enables all of humanity to survive and thrive in a globalized, digitally connected world. We’re evolving the culture to fit the global village. We come from countries like: South Africa, New Zealand, Switzerland, Norway, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Vietnam, and Botswana.

We have skills ranging from writing to graphic design to filmmaking to stone masonry to science to comedy. We are:

male and female

light-skinned and dark-skinned

Muslim, Christian, Atheist, Apatheist, Agnostic

Classically inclined, Punk Rock, Liberal, Conservative, Gay, Straight, and More.

We don’t fear our differences. Rather we embrace them for one simple reason: People who think different have the ability to innovate unimagined possibilities that can uplift all of humanity.


Our Vision for the world

Some of us are nervous about the future. Some of us are excited. All of us know that the best way to handle whatever is coming is to band together and take positive action. For too long, we have looked to government or technologists or God to save us. And yet, where we should have been looking is to ourselves and to each other. Humanity’s problems will be solved by all of humanity. We are the answer to our own problems.

In 1895 Booker T. Washington told the following story:

“A ship lost at sea for many days suddenly sighted a friendly vessel. From the mast of the unfortunate vessel was seen a signal:

“Water, water. We die of thirst!!”

The answer from the friendly vessel at once came back:

“Cast down your bucket where you are.”

A second time, the signal, “Water, send us water!” went up from the distressed vessel. And was answered: “Cast down your bucket where you are.” A third and fourth signal for water was answered: “Cast down your bucket where you are.”

The captain of the distressed vessel, at last heeding the injunction, cast down his bucket and it came up full of fresh, sparkling water from the mouth of the Amazon River.”

We are tired of waiting for Superman and have decided it is time to cast down our buckets where we are. Humanity has access to 130 million books and 60 million scientific papers. We have the ability to bring our message to the whole world and the time is now.

A key insight from the history of innovation is that you can’t see where innovation is going. All you can do is pursue the adjacent possible. If you take the next step then you’ll see another next step. Like countless startups across humanity’s long history, we began from a couple of people who had one singular advantage: they had no idea what they were doing. We were motivated simply by our own curiosity and a restless frustration with the way things were being done. And so the growing Mixed Mental Arts movement was born.

Scattered across the globe are people keen to make a difference. We know the secret of the Mixed Mental Arts red belt. We are all part of the broken human family; alone each of us is a fractured piece of pottery but together we make kintsugi. The cultures of the world contain all the pieces needed to make something even more beautiful for having been broken. We’re excited to connect the dots and work with anyone ready to make Earth a home of which we can all be proud. Our mission is dignity, prosperity, and ikigai for all.

Our History

The Tribe