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“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
– Lao Tzu

Long story short


The internet has democratized the ability for all of us to have a voice. 60 million scientific papers, 130 million books and exabytes of data are accessible at our fingertips. For many people, it’s a daunting challenge. For the Mixed Mental Arts community, it is the opportunity of a lifetime. We now have the ability to build a richer, more dynamic and more interesting culture and break beyond the narrow boundaries of academic disciplines and limited tribal perspectives. Our job is to simply make that process easier and help midwife in those cultures.

Through our individual research, the Mixed Mental Arts team has discovered a few things about humanity. None of us are as smart individually as we are in groups. Together, we can forge a better world, regardless of who you are. We can empower the universal human capacity for pattern recognition presenting what works, and discarding the rest to improve the mosaic. 

Bruce Lee invented Jeet Kune Do by absorbing martial arts techniques that were effective, discarding ones that were not, and adding what was uniquely his own. Physicist David Bohm once gave a speech, at the end of which an audience member asked, “Professor Bohm, this is all very interesting philosophy. But what does it have to do with physics?” Bohm replied, “I do not make that distinction.” Mixed Martial Arts built on that tradition. We believe in doing the same thing. All ideas, stories, mental models, tools, words, pictures, and recipes are designed to help us navigate reality and have better lives filled with prosperity, purpose and meaningful connections. Why wouldn’t we draw strength wherever we can find it?

Why we do it


In the end, our goal is to craft and hone better tools and skills that can empower people everywhere to experience greater Autonomy, Mastery & Purpose. The tools to live a good life are out there. Mixed Mental Arts is on a mission to find them, and share them with you, our community.  The challenge lies both within ourselves and within our environment. How do we all move from a culture that we didn’t create to creating a culture that works for us?

Well, Bruce Lee said it best. We will do this again, and again.

Our Team

A long time ago, humanity was one family and then we scattered to the four corners of the Earth and forgot that we were brothers and sisters. Now, it’s time for an amazing family reunion.

We’ll laugh. We’ll learn. We’ll hear each others’ stories. We’ll cry. We’ll hug and make up. And we’ll move forward together to build a world worthy of its children. And we’ll have fun doing it.

These are some of the people who have already joined in on the fun. Want to come play with us? Whatever you bring to the table, there’s a place for you in Mixed Mental Arts because great tribes help all their members find their place. The global village is here. We just have to midwife in a culture that cherishes all its members and recognizing that no mind is ever wasted. We either channel it to constructive ends or someone will harness it to destructive ends. None of us can build a better world on our own. We were never supposed to. It’s never been about you or me. It’s always been about us.

Bryan Callen
Host of Mixed Mental Arts Podcast

Co-host of the Mixed Mental Arts podcast and beloved Emperor of the Callenphate, Bryan Callen is a world-renowned actor-comedian who grew up seeing great poverty from inside an air-conditioned car. His extensive travels and hunger for knowledge have given him empathy for people from all backgrounds and from all walks of life. He will charm, seduce, fight, and tease you, all while making you laugh harder than you have before.

Reid Nicewonder
Podcast Team & Visual Guru

Independent filmmaker seeking to promote critical thinking through entertainment. He also conducts in-person interviews at various public parks around Los Angeles using street epistemology for his YouTube channel Cordial Curiosity.

Hunter Maats
Host of the Mixed Mental Arts Podcast & Co-Author of the Straight-A Conspiracy

Co-host of the Mixed Mental Arts podcast and dutiful grand vizier to Emperor Callen, Hunter Maats is an education specialist who co-wrote The Straight-A Conspiracy. Like Bryan Callen, he grew up seeing great poverty and has dedicated his life to empowering humanity to solve the world’s problems. He leads the Mixed Mental Arts movement with the motto “so can you” and is excited to midwife in a global culture that draws on the best of all times and places.

Katie O’Brien
Writer, Actor, Director, Producer & Co-Author of the Straight-A Conspiracy

General ‘voice of reason’ to Mixed Mental Arts, Katie is also a writer, producer and actress. Katie has appeared in films and TV shows including Weeds Community Justified Chuck Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life and Showtime’s upcoming I’m Dying Up Here. She sold her first original series The Hub to IFC in 2014 and has since written and produced shows for ABC Digital and currently with Warner Brothers and Blue Ribbon content.

Adam Hansen
Innovation & Process Consultant

Adam Hansen is VP of Innovation/Innovation Process Consultant at Ideas-To-Go. He is also a career-long innovation leader student and devotee. He received his M.B.A. in Product Management at Indiana University. He has served on the board of the Product Development and Management Association and as an innovation and strategy expert with select causes in education and public health care. He wrote Outsmart Your Instincts: How the Behavioral Innovation Approach Drives Your Company Forward along with his colleagues Edward Harrington and Beth Storz.

Jenni Aguilar
Ancestral Health Writer, Speaker, Educator

Community and parent health educator prior to moving into ancestral health and brain fitness coaching. Married to Jon, a master stonesmith Jon Auilar, has four children  and one grandbaby.

Dustin Cubit
Live Stream Host and Team Scrum Master

A.K.A The Woke Centrist A.K.A Steven Wright on Quaaludes and independent video game developer that includes memorable video game franchises such as Splatterhouse Transformers: Fall of Cybertron and Call of Duty.

Di Canfield
Graphics & Web Designer

Web Developer and writer from New Jersey specializing in the Nonprofit sector. A policy wonk with a formal education in Economics from Monmouth University in New Jersey. Di has studied Jiu Jitsu for 10 years and runs an instructional website.

Isaiah Gooley
Producer of the Mixed Mental Arts Podcast & Linguist

Claiming that he is “just some dude who knows Chinese, writes stuff, plays music and drinks beer, he also co-produces the Mixed Mental Arts Podcast.

Nicole Lee
Patreon and TeePublic Guru

Full-time single mom of the great Seamus (a mixed-mental-artist in training) and Marketing and Business Development head for a D.C. area automotive group. In her spare time she along with Matt Madonna (a.k.a. Unicorn) works to spread the message of MMA through awesome t-shirts. Nicole also cherishes traveling the globe with Seamus to expose him to different cultures and ideas.

Brien Jennings
Does this and that

Brien teaches media literacy film making and research skills to kids and anyone else who will listen. Ever the liminalist he has written a few things including a series of kid’s books called All About Media. Brien also makes properly fun music with a defiantly bad band the frenzy of tongs and knows how to make some pretty good television. He also likes to box (but not with anyone who might really hurt him)….

Cate Fogarty
Writer & Filmmaker

Minnesota native and has spent her entire life accumulating varied cultural experiences. From a childhood sailing the Caribbean to becoming a regular at underground Thai bars in Chicago to living as an expat in Oslo Norway and lots more in between. She now lives in Los Angeles where she writes makes films and is the Chief Artillery Officer for Mixed Mental Arts.

Nate McCabe
Writer & Editor

Nate McCabe is an esteemed member of the “Two Time College Dropout Association” (2xCDA). He is a dad, husband and travel enthusiast residing in Paris France.
Nate is a musician and songwriter and does a little bit of Real Estate investing.
He likes cheese.

Matt Madonna
Graphic & Web Designer

A.k.a The Unicorn, Madonna is a freelance graphic and web designer and lover of health and fitness mainly focusing on movement! This includes his new found love of free-running tree climbing and not acting his age on the playground with the other kids!

Mandi Ainslie
Web and Analytics Master

Johannesburg native, born-and-bred in South Africa, Mandi brings her skills from the tech and business world to help organize and focus the energies of the Mixed Mental Arts community so we can help humanity through its first family dinner.

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