Author: Adam Hansen

The Legacy of Vance Music and Beal’s Law

The Legacy of Vance Music and Beal’s Law Adam Hansen, New York While working on my MBA at Indiana University back in the Cambrian Period (vertebrates had just emerged – wild times!), I was fortunate to be a manager at Vance music store, headquartered in Bloomington. A second store 30 minutes south of the Bloomington flagship, in Bedford, was the site of perhaps more impromptu jams than big-ticket sales, as weeknights in Bedford, Indiana were, y’know, slow. One of our sales guys was a wonderful, kind-hearted cat named Tug Beal, native son of Bedford proper and about 15 years...

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Knowledge Bomb: Negativity Bias

The scene: The African savannah, millennia ago. Og and Thrak are out and about one lovely morning, not too far from the clan HQ, when they hear a rumble in the bushes, but a distinctly different rumble in the bushes. Thrak doesn’t stick around—he’s gone! Og, recognizing the new quality of the rumble, takes a moment to question whether this might not be a threat, but actually an opportunity. Should I go explore? In his hesitation, Og takes an instant hit to his odds of sticking around long enough to pass on his DNA. Thrak more likely ends up...

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