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#KINTSUGI-I’ll Be Gone In The Dark

How An Unfinished Book Was Pieced Together To Make Kintsugi In 2006, Michelle McNamara started the website True Crime Diary with the goal of crowdsourcing cold cases. As the About page states, “True Crime Diary began when Michelle McNamara, a writer, decided the investigating she was doing on unsolved crimes to satisfy her own curiosity might be better shared.” Michelle eventually became obsessed with a series of unsolved rapes and murders across California from 1976-1986. The man she called “The Golden State Killer” had never been caught. She spent 5 years obsessing over the horrific case; running down every...

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#KINTSUGI – Esther Perel

“How Esther Perel Teaches People to Make Kintsugi in Their Relationships” Esther Perel is a psychotherapist who says she “enjoy[s] explaining the mysteries of the human condition in simple words. [She likes] to help people all over the world feel understood, confront their joys and pains, and be motivated to change.” In Mixed Mental Arts’ terminology, Esther teaches people to make kintsugi out of their experiences and relationships through the act of reframing. On her podcast “Where Should We Begin” many couples come to her with one story that isn’t working and her goal is to help them find the possibility of...

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#KINTSUGI – Maria Bamford

“How Maria Bamford Makes Kintsugi out of her Mental Illness to Create Comedy and Find Love” Comedian Maria Bamford has struggled with mental health issues her entire life, including OCD, bulimia, and bipolar disorder. But after a severe mental breakdown in 2010, which landed her repeatedly in mental wards, she feared that she’d never work again, let alone have a “normal” life. But with the help of medication, therapy, and the love and support of friends and family she was able to rebuild her life.   In 2013, Maria met Mitch Hurwitz who helped her develop the quirky Netflix...

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Honor Culture and Dignity Culture are two mindsets that help guide a person’s behavior. The main difference between them can be boiled down to how each views reputation. Honor Culture In a culture of honor reputation is everything and must be vigilantly protected from insult. The power of reputation is the cornerstone of gangsta rap, Machiavelli’s The Prince, and the Dread Pirate Roberts.     The significance of reputation comes from Honor Culture’s historical roots, which developed in herding cultures where the only thing preventing someone from stealing your sheep was the threat of retribution. Herders couldn’t rely on...

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AWE $@!%, I’ve Turned Into My Mother

I’ve spent the last two and a half years making a documentary film about a trip I took with my family sailing from Minnesota to Florida. What began as a fun way to document an adventure has become serious me-search. Pro-tip: if you want to save yourself thousands of dollars’ worth of therapy to learn why you do the things you do get a video camera and film your family 12 hours a day for two months straight. It’s both illuminating and terrifying. I’ve realized all that I’ve gained culturally from my parents for better or worse.    ...

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