Author: David Kutkowski

Being put into “boxes” a sound bite at a time!

The “Boxes” Being put into categories or “boxes” is a natural thing to do and everyone does it. In the age of social media, 24 news networks and the massive amount of information thrown at any one individual you can’t help but put people into  these “boxes”.  If you read or heard anything about the Dunbar number, you would understand why this can’t be avoided.  You are put into a several boxes each day by a coworker, the individual serving you coffee, or the guy on the bus without even knowing it. In most cases, without saying a word to the person who puts you there.  These “boxes” are absolutely necessary for your brain to handle all the inputs we get everyday. Some types of “Boxes” These “boxes” come in all shapes and sizes like real boxes.  Conservative or Liberal, Pro-Life or Pro-Choice, Round Earth or Flat Earth, and so on.  If you list your personal beliefs, you can probably put yourself in several “boxes” that you didn’t even realize you actually fit into.  You might say “I didn’t fit into any of the traditional “boxes”, I am my own person, unique and above all this”.  I believed that as well in my early 20’s, when I knew absolutely nothing about the world, like most people at that age.  Some go their whole lives believing that, others search for answers.  If you are reading this, congratulations, you...

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In Today’s Society, can you be Religious and believe in Science as well?

In Today’s Society, can you be Religious and believe in Science as well? The short answer is, yes and no!  That all depends on who you are talking to and the real question is what do you think? You can’t take someone’s opinion and believe it like it is a fact.  You need to think for yourself, question authorities, formulate and respect your own opinion. Don’t let someone with a microphone and platform to bully you into thinking one way or the other.  I am not an expert on Science, Religion or people.  I just have observed a lot of conflict about this topic and think it needs to be looked at.  When you walk into a dark room, you need to turn on the lights to see what’s inside.  I am not telling you what to believe, but I am asking you to turn on that light and look for yourself.  Ask yourself “Can an individual be Religious and believe in Science as well?” Some individuals in the public eye will try to convince, debate, and argue their point of view.  I can recall a select few “Science Educators” say that “You can believe in religion and practice science” with their words but the tone of their voice or past statement tell a different story.  These “Science Educators” are not Scientists in the traditional sense of the word...

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