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Mixed Mental Arts Podcast Episode 346 – Getting to the Root of the Problem: Lawrence Lessig

Show Notes: 2:00 Fundraising and empty promises. 3:00 In order to be a congressmen, you have to beg rich people for money for 2-4 hours every day. 4:00 The subtlety of K Street bribery. 6:30 The consequences of being a principled politician. 10:00 The politics of resignation: 96% of Americans think it’s important to reduce the influence of money in politics, but 92% don’t think it’s possible. 11:00 Crony capitalism, privatized gains, and socialized losses. 13:00 Our politicians are telemarketers. 14:00 Gerrymandering: We don’t pick our representatives, they pick us. 15:00 Winner take all politics. 16:00 In 2016, 14...

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Mixed Mental Arts Podcast Episode 345: Eat the World with guest Bryan Edward Hill

Show Notes: 3:30 The fight club effect. 4:30 Monstrous people are dealing with something far more monstrous than themselves. 9:00 Pragmatic moral relativism. 14:00 The origin story. 16:00 Finding the group and the right relationships. 18:00 It takes 10 years to be an overnight success. 22:00 Writing as a form of therapy. 26:00 Bridging the cultural divide. 32:00 Community support and sending the right messages to children. 36:00 Cultural Narratives and how they are internalized. 37:00 Demystifying the other. 38:00 The white guy braided black belt. 42:00 Shame is the route of so many problems. 48:00 How social media...

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