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Our Natural Disaster: A Beautiful Side Effect

Our Natural Disaster: A Beautiful Side Effect Jenni Aguilar, California Just as our community (Santa Barbara, CA-area of SoCal) was coming back from the havoc wreaked by the largest fire in California history, just as we thought the worst had come and gone…rain.  A lot of rain. A ‘200-year rain event’, which means inches of rain in minutes. The rain, which was nowhere to be found while the flames ripped through our hills (thanks Mother Nature!), made a short but devastating appearance on January 9th. We have no words for the horror and the loss (23 lives, more injured, hundreds...

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Face It! Evolution Is Smarter Than You!

F.E.I.S.T.Y Face it! Evolution is Smarter Than You It’s time to get F.E.I.S.T.Y. by recognizing that evolution can help you be healthier, smarter, happier, and more successful if you just align with it. Leslie Orgel, an evolutionary biologist, observed that the products of evolution are ingenious. The whole planet is full of innovative inventions that are a genetic response to evolutionary pressure. Mice and deer have very large ears, the better to hear a predator approaching. Genius! Geckos have a removable tail. The tail resembles their head, so if a predator bites it, the tail falls off and they...

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Pervert Kings and Childbirth

Blame the King Babies: It seems they just appear at your local coffee house accompanied by tired looking adults. But each and every baby is born from a mother’s body and how this happens is a small miracle of evolution. Sadly, W.E.I.R.D. culture assumed wrongly that it knew better than evolution and started laying women on their backs during labor (the lithotomy position). Why? Because squatting is gross and what uncivilized, lower humans do. Disgusting! Childbirth is just so ‘ew!’. There is blood and grunting, mucus and pooping and then a wrinkly, slimy little human at the end. W.E.I.R.D....

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