Author: Mandi Ainslie

Lies, Dammed Lies & Statistics

“Statistics are like bikinis – what they reveal is interesting. What they hide is vital” – Aaron Levenstein This is one of my favorite quotes and whether through malice, poor training or simple ignorance, “bad statistics” is running rife. Not a day goes by where my social media feed is not flooded with data-driven memes, news broadcasters that quote mesmerizing infographics and scientists with grand philosophic propositions, all of them using math to offer surprising conclusions. Yet when I delve into it and look at the statistics a little more closely, I find that it is rare that these...

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Scatterlings of Africa

My Facebook intro reads: “Binary Wizard, friend to dragons and all things macabre.” My Twitter bio denotes “Continuously considering trickle down techonomics with a dash of global politics. Would rather be skiing right now”. If someone were to ask me to list 5 things that describe me I would pick Bibliophile, Athlete, Gamer, Reluctant AI, and Lover of All Things Fluffy. But my inherited culture is a ‘laslappie kombers’ of English “Snide British Quips”, “Dutch straightforward pragmatism”, and the African premise of Ubuntu (google philosophy not operating system). I was raised with a love for the African savannah, the importance of hard...

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