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Cultural Confession: Tijuana Culture

US – Mexico border: Tijuana on the right, San Diego Border Patrol offices on the left.  by Jorge Angeles. My name is Jorge Angeles, I am a 33 years old. I was raised in Tijuana, Mexico and lived there for the first 27 years of my life. Subsequently, I moved to Southern California to be with my now wife. I was raised in an upper-middle class, conservative Catholic household. Attended Catholic school all the way from kindergarten through high school (to say that after 15 years of religious education I was fed up with their cult, is an understatement)....

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Cultural Confession: Cajun Culture

by Kyle Digby – @kyledigby WHERE DID YOU GROW UP? I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, and I grew up in the small town of Mandeville, Louisiana. I currently live in the capital of Cajun country: Lafayette, Louisiana. WHERE ARE YOUR PEOPLE FROM? This is a complex question for Cajuns. Historically speaking the Cajuns are the descendants of the Acadian people, former French colonists that were expelled from Nova Scotia by British soldiers during the Seven Years’ War (or French & Indian War) in 1755. Families were broken up and scattered to different ends of the world, and...

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Just Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?: The Law of Jante and Scandinavian Jealousy

I come from a city in Norway where the Norwegian Department of Justice recently greenlit a quintupling of highway tolls for when the air quality is below a certain threshold. As an effort to combat air pollution by coaxing people to leave their cars at home and choosing public transportation instead, it’s admirable. However, since highway tolls will now probably hit $26 US on each passing, you’d predict rioting in the streets over this exorbitant pricing, air quality be damned.   But this is not the case. People are quietly accepting it. No one is making a fuzz, showing...

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