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  • Ep 327 - From the Shores of Barcelona: Raphael Minder March 16, 2018
    Raphael Minder is the Spain and Portugal correspondent for The New York Times. He schools Bryan and Hunter on the Catalonia situation, and other political tensions in the region. Of course, no discussion of Catalonia is complete without fútbol, either.Don’t forget to go to for all the updates of what we’re doing! Social media, […]
  • Idea Quickie 4: Naked (Repost) March 14, 2018
    Sometimes Bryan and Hunter like to get naked together...emotionally. It's time to bare all their thoughts and feelings!!! In this episode, they review everything they've learned and what the big take home lesson is. There's really only one! Tune in to find out what it is. Tweet Hunter, if there are any books or topics […]
  • Ep 325 - Problem Solving Through Empathy: Roman Krznaric March 11, 2018
    Roman Krznaric teaches philosophy at Oxford. He studies empathy and how it can be applied to everyday life. Sunzi says “Know the other and know yourself, and you will not see peril in any battle.” Bryan and Hunter draw the connections between markets, soldiers, and the power of Bryan Callen to save the world. Roman's […]
  • Ep 324 - Knowing You're an Ape: Chris Ryan March 9, 2018
    Chris Ryan talks with Bryan and Hunter to talk about his book Sex At Dawn, the academic sexlessness, human capabilities vs. human tendencies, swingers' clubs, and how to collectively build the human version of the San Diego Zoo. Also, how much Bryan Callen fuuuucks. Visit our website at Use our Amazon affiliate! Use our […]
  • Idea Quickie 3: The Big Seven March 7, 2018
    Bryan and Hunter talk about Life, Death, and Human Nature so that we can detribalize and realize our shared humanity. The Big Seven:   Birth Death Societies Sex (Touch) Food (Nutrition) Sleep (Security)   Play  And the rituals therein. Support us on Patreon, use our Amazon Affiliate, sign up for a free audiobook at and go […]

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