On islands across the South Pacific, there were humans using stone tools who in the 20th Century had not had contact with the wider world for thousands of years. Suddenly, a large number of aircraft began flying overhead which for tribesmen who had never seen metal must have been utterly mind blowing. Even more mind blowing was that scattered throughout the jungle they found large crates of provisions that they came to find out were called cargo. Inside these crates of cargo were metal tools that unlike stone tools never seemed to go dull and tins of incredibly calorie rich food. Understandably, the tribesmen wanted more of this cargo and so they crept through the forest to find more of it. There, they discovered the nesting place of the giant metal birds they had seen flying overhead, which we would call an airfield. They watched. They observed. They copied. And then they went off into the forest to repeat the ritual. And so, they built a giant airplane entirely out of twigs and then hundreds of men stood around the twig plane and flapped their lips to make the sound of a plane taking off. Well over half a century later, these cargo cults are still going. Needless to say, none of them has taken off. And when they don’t take off, the believers just keep making them more elaborate. They have added giant wooden towers that mimic aircraft control towers and sent a man up there who place half a coconut on each ear. And they have “figured out” how this new phenomenon of planes fits within their existing beliefs. They believe that good things come from their ancestors and since the people who control these planes are overwhelmingly pale faced they must be from the land of the dead. Their beliefs make sense to them and so they perpetuate.