Pick any “authentic” dish from any cuisine in the world and you’ll find, it’s actually a result of idea sex. The pizza uses wheat, tomatoes, cheese and basil. These are from the Arabs, the Aztecs, the Turks and the Indians. And yet, we call pizza Italian because the Italians put it all together. The taco uses corn, beef, tomatoes, onions, avocados and cilantro. Are tacos Mexican? Nope. Look at the map. So, what are we to make of this day when Columbus arrived in the New World. Well, the best description I’ve found anywhere comes from La Plaza de Las Tres Culturas in Mexico City. On that spot, on August 13th, 1521, the Aztec Emperor Cuahtemoc made a final stand against Hernan Cortes. However, the culture that emerged from that bloody confrontation was neither Spanish nor Aztec. It was a third culture, the Mestizo culture. As an inscription in the plaza puts it this battle was: “Neither a victory nor a defeat, but the painful moment of birth of the Mexico of today, of a race of Mestizos.” We are all mestizos. There is no cuisine today that our ancestors from even 500 years ago would recognize. And that cultural mixing is still happening in awesome and delicious ways. Here in LA, it’s happening a lot. Perhaps most deliciously in the form of the Korean BBQ taco pioneered by Roy Choi.