It’s not obvious what humans are good at. We’re not as strong as chimpanzees. We’re not as fast as cheetahs. We’re not sharp of tooth and claw like lions. And yet, humans have come to dominate the planet. How did we do that?!? Well, the answer turns out to be our social intelligence. If you give an IQ test to a chimp, an orangutan and a human toddler, there’s only one way in which the human toddler is smarter: social intelligence. That’s humanity’s superpower! We have the ability to learn from the people around us. As a little kid, we’re all little sponges soaking up culture from the people around us. This cultural software download enables us to thrive and survive in a given environment OR it sets us up to fail because our cultural software is not well suited to the environment in which we find ourselves. Over time, these selection pressures have driven to forms of cultural software that are highly attuned to environments as diverse as the Amazon rainforest, the Arctic, the Sahara and the Urban Jungle.