This comes from an analogy used by Barry Goldwater that the government is like a camel that gets its nose under the tent and works its way all the way in. Peter Schiff used it in an interview with Hunter. When Hunter pushed Peter on what about the FDA was baby and what was bathwater, Peter Schiff replied “There is no baby or the baby is so small that you might as well throw it away anyway.” Peter wants to shoot the camel of government. As anybody who has spent time among the Arabs knows, this is dumb. Remove government and you end up with the kind of power vacuums that appeared after the ouster of Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi. Killing the camel may be tempting but the real progress of human history is tying the camel up. The problem is that takes work. You have to understand the government. It’s far easy to acquire a public following by saying “shoot the camel!” It’s simple. It’s provocative. It requires no real engagement with complexity. In practice, we think that if you want to know how to handle camels you should listen to the world experts. As the Hadith says, “Trust in Allah, but tie your camel up!”