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Humans are the most adaptable species on the planet. We’ve evolved cultures that have allowed us to adapt to every environment from the scorching desert to the frozen arctic to the humid rainforest and even the urban jungle. Humanity’s superpower, our ability to learn efficiently from those around us, means that figuring out how to adapt and survive rests on us coming together. As we all head into the unfamiliar environment of the #jobocalypse, our mutual survival depends on our collaboration in order to release the potential of every individual on the planet.


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An important part of that process is discarding the outdated cultural beliefs that hold everyone back.

Humans tell stories in order to understand the world in which we live. Very often these stories don’t fit well with reality. The scientific method is the best attempt so far to evaluate the validity of human stories. A model is proposed and then it is tested and retested by as many people as possible. Unfortunately, some terrible stories never face the rigor of the scientific method before they are accepted as “truth.”


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This series is dedicated to undoing a particularly damaging narrative: the idea that somehow race and intelligence are linked. As we’ve covered elsewhere, racism evolved in response to the introduction of diseases like the falciparum strain of malaria and yellow fever to the New World from Africa. In order to justify enslaving the disease-resistant Africans, a narrative of subjugation was created. Like narratives about women and other marginalized groups, this relied on driving the idea that Africans weren’t as smart. The narrative was then bolstered by the eugenics movement and further cemented by the hijacking of the IQ test.

In 1994, Charles Murray published a book called The Bell Curve. A tiny fraction of this book covered the link between race and IQ, setting off a firestorm of controversy. Murray disappeared from the scene only to resurface in 2017 thanks to various people on the internet who atomistically looked at his one set of stats and promoted it as “sound science.”

We aren’t here to dispute Murray’s data, but rather to put it into context with the relevant biology so you can make up your own mind. Put into context a totally different picture emerges of Murray’s findings.


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Hunter Maats has spent the last 13 years pouring over the #relevantbiology on human intelligence across a wide array of scientific disciplines. Now, with the help of Cate Fogarty, we have whittled down that science into this easy five-part series that will help you understand not only why race is a quacksonomy but why the spurious correlation between race and IQ is no more meaningful than the link between the number of Nicolas Cage movies and drownings.


Actually, the link between the number of Nic Cage movies and drownings is probably more meaningful than the link between race and IQ. Have you seen BANGKOK DANGEROUS or THE WICKER MAN?
Join us as we breakdown the narrative linking race and intelligence starting with the Hijacking of the IQ Test.

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