Show Notes:

2:00 Fundraising and empty promises.
3:00 In order to be a congressmen, you have to beg rich people for money for 2-4 hours every day.
4:00 The subtlety of K Street bribery.
6:30 The consequences of being a principled politician.
10:00 The politics of resignation: 96% of Americans think it’s important to reduce the influence of money in politics, but 92% don’t think it’s possible.
11:00 Crony capitalism, privatized gains, and socialized losses.
13:00 Our politicians are telemarketers.
14:00 Gerrymandering: We don’t pick our representatives, they pick us.
15:00 Winner take all politics.
16:00 In 2016, 14 States were 99% of all campaign expenditure.
19:00 The campaign funding voucher plan.
22:00 It’s about achieving fair play, and getting past the collision between business and government.
23:00 The relationship between inequality and campaign funding.
25:00 Citizens United, SuperPACs, and the high cost of free speech.
27:00 Political dark money.
34:30 The amazingly small percentage of America that can afford dental care.

“Washington is the farm league for K street” -Jim Cooper

Book Mentions:

  1. The Captured Economy: How the Powerful Enrich Themselves, Slow Down Growth, and Increase Inequality