Hi, I’m Claudio Fernando Maciel. I’m from south east Brazil, it’s exactly where I grew up. My grandparents migrated from Portugal to Brazil back in the eighteen hundreds.

I like to eat a varied plethora of foods. From traditional Brazilian food (beans on top of rice, with some beef, and salad on the side), to pizza, Mexican food; Chinese food. I don’t have any grudges towards any specific cuisine.

I like to dress as dapper as the occasion allows me. Being in a home-office most of the time, I try to be as well dressed as if I wouldn’t feel ashamed should somebody drop by for a meeting or anything without telling me in advance. Hats are nice too. I love them.

About customs, I currently do not observe any customs, not at least to the point of strictly observing it. I’m agnostic (former atheist < former christian), but I kept some of the judeo-christian values that seem to be out there for ages, and try to teach my kids these values, although not in a religious point of view.

I love science, I’m graduated in Physics, although I work as a software developer (you get to make a lot more money from that, than from pretending to do science here in Brazil), so science has a big play in my life. But from a while ago I started seeing that perhaps life has something more than just science reasoning, something more immaterial, which I can’t exactly put my finger on to it.

That’s exactly why and how I came across you guys, from a recently met friend of mine, Sean McCoy, whom refered your podcast to me, and now I’m excited to learn what it’s all about.

My culture (Brazilian one) does not really suit my environment. Not at least at this point. Here in Brazil, things are more like whining that the government isn’t being all paternalistic toward them, than learning and understanding things. Now, my personal culture does seem to fit a great deal more with the environment, by trying to see myself as part of the nature, never forgetting that we humans are animals too. But I’m not all too inclined to jump to the naturalistic bandwagon that seems to be a big trend these days.

So, this is me. I’m currently in a journey to learn more. Just as 20 years back, when I left mormonism, to learn that there are more things to know out there, than just Joseph Smith, and a 7,000 years old earth. I learned from these new things, even became a scientist. But now, I’m starting to sense that perhaps there’s something more out there, which I can’t really put my finger at. Perhaps I’m an amalgamation of a bunch of different cultures (I’m more and more sure of that), and that this journey I’m currently into is nothing but a consequence, a normal ‘trigger’ if you will of this ‘matrix’ we currently live in.