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This Is Mixed Mental Arts Online. You’re One Step Closer To The Belt System. We Hope It Will Lead Toward A Healthier Attititude Surrounding Your Feelings. And, Maybe, Help You Claim Title Of “Most Intellectually Overpowering Family Member” This Easter.

THe Belt system

Full Disclosure: You Get PDFs Instead Of Belts. Mostly Because Shipping & Handling Gold Is Expensive. Download The White Belt Below. Fire Up That Printer And Keep It In Your Back Pocket. It’ll Come In Handy. Subscribe To Get Your Yellow Belt And Continue Your Journey. May Big Mike Always Be With You!

Welcome to the Dojo.

Take the first step in this journey with the White Belt. Find it below and save it to your arsenal.


The rider is tiny. The elephant is big and powerful. The emotions are always driving, but sometimes the rational mind can steer.


Birds do it. Bees do it. Even uneducated fleas do it. The fantastic result of sex is genetic innovation. When mommy and daddy love each other very much (or not) sperm meets egg and genes are combined.

Culture Binds n blinds.

We might not talk about cultural norms. But we definitely know when they’ve been broken.


The blue belt is the study of genius myths and how you use Humanity’s Superpower to blind copy your heroes. It’s the culmination of the previous belts.


Where a Westerner would see the broken pieces of a pot as trash people in the Japanese culture saw something to be treasured. They saw the raw materials to make something more beautiful than what has ever existed before.

understanding The Tribe.

There is a cognitive limit on relationships that varies with the strength of the connection.


For most of human history, surviving and thriving was about doing one thing for your whole life. You would pick up a set of skills and do that for your entire life. Things have changed.


Explore the parts of yourself that you least want to explore. Put your white belt back on and realize how little you know. The courage to expose and address your own cultural baggage empowers others to do the same.

The Mixed Mental arts White Belt

You are here for a reason: to help us raise humanity’s I.Q. faster than a tenured Pre-Calc Professor.

Strap It On

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